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About company


ORPLAST ltd. is the leading Russian producer of plastic reels under the own trademark ORPACK. We produce and supply plastic reels for welding wire, winding wires with enamel insulation, cable, optical fiber, filament for 3D printers, solder wire, chain, cord, rope. The enterprise is successfully operating since 2005.


A distinctive feature of ORPACK plastic reels is their quality, which corresponds to the highest international standards (according to their technical characteristics, reels ORPACK correspond to DIN standards). The company’s reels are currently the most high-quality plastic reels produced in Russia and the CIS.


ORPACK reels are made of high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), ABS plastic, polypropylene (PP) on modern equipment, without the use of recycled materials, which ensures their high strength. ORPACK reels have improved geometry, which allows to significantly increase productivity of high-speed wire winding.


Each batch of reels is going through complex tests in the factory laboratory. The mechanical properties of the products exceed the existing regulatory requirements. The company actively works in the market of Russia and the CIS and has a trade experience in foreign markets.

Silica gel

Another important activity of our company is the production of packaged technical silica gel, which is used in instrument making, metallurgy, medicine, glass and light industry. We are open for cooperation. Our plant is ready to manufacture high-quality plastic products according to the customer’s specifications.


Also, our specialists are ready to respond promptly to all your questions.
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